The watch has a flexible rubber strap that has a titanium finish piece on one side – which has a great style and makes the giant watch wearable. You are able to see the Buy A U Boat Watch name engraving on the butterfly style deployment additionally in titanium. You find that the U 1001 emblem on the installation as well – indicating U-Boat’s want to show you how many custom components went to this limited edition set of watches.Does the U-Boat U 1001 remind one of an Angler fish? It does not have an illuminated lure like the bass does. It isn’t ugly like the fish, but it goes deep like the fish. Although I feel an Angler fish can go much deeper. Angler fishes seem pretty bad-ass and butt-faced, but they’re in fact really small fishes, did you understand that? Size can be deceiving. It would probably swim away from a U 1001 when it saw it submerged as the watch may be larger than it! For fashion like a tattoo, U-Boat engraved an Angler fish on the rear of the watch as well as on the mad watch case (I will get to that). It is a great little touch that is all style, without having a lot of meaning. Cool image though.And now the case. The large and heavy (really thick) instance contraption that virtually makes the watch feel worth its cost. Made from aluminum, the situation resembles a diving vessel itself. Again you see an engraving of the Angler fish on it, along with a thick porthole with a rounded crystal lens in which the watch sits and stare at you as though it’s safe while you’re in the sea. It is a serious part of the timepiece’s demonstration, also U-Boat makes you feel pretty damn special to have received this thing. I think that it should have cost U-Boat almost up to the watch itself to create.
The movement is self-winding and contains a gorgeous oscillating weight. It’s made of Sterling silver, denoted by the number “925”. The rotor is open-worked and features blued screws, reminding the wearer that there is quality to underpin the handsome aesthetics.Traditionalists will love the Côtes de Genève motif, presented in circular shape on the bridge underneath the rotor, as well as the perlage on the main plate and oscillating weight.The movement has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz) and attributes 25 jewels. The power book is 44 hours.There is much that’s laudable about the U-boat-watch-2273 U-51 Chimera (6495). It’s handsome with a chiselled look. It is comfortable to wear and its structure confers solid and quality reliability.However, there’s one facet of this watch which distinguishes it from several timepieces. It is incredibly legible and easy to read. Really, it’s the clean look which provides much virtue to this reformed school boy having anaemic knees and sterile teeth which continue to illuminate his path.
The bezel and the perpendicular flanks of the caseback are highly polished. This finish is repeated for several surfaces of the lugs, the bolts, which span the caseband, and the pushers located at 8 o’clock along with 10 o’clock. The consequent outfit is balanced, striking a magical comparison between polished and brushed surfaces.The crown features the robust crown protection apparatus I’ve admired on other U-Boat timepieces. At first it seems utilitarian, but with increasing familiarity it feels honest and “grows on you”. Finding the crown and pushers on the left hand side of this instance is pure genius. Flexed palms, do not lead to painful gouging of the skin typical of some watches which have a crown on the ideal hand side of the case.This is a substantial watch measuring 46 mm in diameter, with a case elevation of 17 mm. But whilst large, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. This is mostly as a result of brief lugs which permit the strap to cosset the wrist using a compassionate embrace.A additional sense of nostalgia is provided with the strap. It’s circular cut outs reminiscent of those driving gloves which my father wore in the 1970s. Reverse the watch and respect the caseback. It’s reference to its Italian origin but also the Swiss movement residing within. The movement is visible courtesy of a sapphire crystal glass.The watch is a limited series of 300 pieces along with the plaque on the caseband informs the wearer of this together with the exceptional model number from the collection.

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