Amazing—Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT

Although some watchmakers are perfectly pleased with simply slapping with an “automobile” logo design on the standard model for purely marketing reasons, their bond between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin thinks rather in authenticity and continuity. Their partnership has led to an entire selection of watches produced for that occasion.

This watch is outfitted having a transponder permitting you to definitely unlock the DBS’ doorways utilizing a small quantity of pressure around the watch’s glass. Very classy! Although this AMVOX3 doesn’t offer any radical improvements from the mechanical perspective, it doesn’t relaxation on its laurels if this involves its GMT tourbillon movement.


The Holy Grail for a lot of connoisseurs, the tourbillon may be the watch-making industry same as an Aston Martin V12 by hand put together in Newport Pagnell. Such as the cars it draws its inspiration from, the AMVOX3 demands some respect as soon as you lay eyes onto it. The very polished dial conveys a feeling of power and technicality.

Come up with using “grating” (similar to an Aston Martin’s radiator grill), sapphire plaques and naked components, it can make you believe you may be admiring an electric train engine compartment. The general manufacturing quality is really exceptional it becomes difficult to get any problems whatsoever. Aside from its high-tech rotor, its finish is otherwise very classical – a stop that’s incidentally very cleanly performed, using C?tes de Genève, circular-graining.


Surely this type of watch really deserved a bit more audacity in the design! It’s nearly as if there’s this large gap between your techy-avant-garde method of treating the dial and rotor, and also the conventional one employed for the movement’s design. There’s another small grievance that fans of proper the watch-making industry engineering may have: as the tourbillon bridges looks solid, it is quite large, and hinders viewing moving parts’ ballet.


Concerning the bodywork, Jaeger-LeCoultre uses a mix of black ceramic and platinum. The distinctive sign of this ceramic case is it is machined, and never molded, out of the box most frequently the case. The machining of ceramic is really a lengthy and painstaking process. It enables in order to obtain very sharp angles along with a perfect finish.

The platinum spindles around the crown and also the backside agree perfectly using the case, similar to chromes in a position around the fine black bodywork of the vehicle. The strap also warrants some attention. It’s a mix of “technical materials”, calfskin, and Alcantara, which is the right the watch-making industry version of the GT’s bucket chair.


The homogeneity from the whole piece reaches an amount that’s rarely accomplished. Wearing it around the wrist, this AMVOX is much more adaptable to daily use than the usual Supercar! Using its reasonable 44mm diameter, it combines discreetness, elegance, and luxury, and will also be comfortable in almost any situation.

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