Baku latest destination for U-Boat boutiques

Wearing the U 1001 I’m pretty cool. I don’t know whether this is because I keep hearing the trendy music that U Boat Watches 5571 has in their site and considering that the sophisticated marketing campaigns they employ, or when I am genuinely moved by their smart designs. It’s funny, because no matter how many absurd things I find at the watch, I still like it. Which goes back to my notion of it being just like a muscle car. It is completely unwise for me to think about driving in stop and move California traffic in that fantasy ’69 GTO Judge, however I believe I’d look pretty kick butt from the process.Speaking of big metal automobiles, the U-Boat U 1001 is a whopping 55mm broad in ceramic. The metal case is cut quite well, and the titanium has a very smooth bead-blasted texture to it. All over the case are branding details and information about the watch. The U 1001 name refers to the fact that it is water resistant to 1001 meters. Basically it’s just like a 1000 meter diving watch, but they chose to add another meter into the name. Watches are usually tested a bit beyond their stated water resistance, so adding that extra meter doesn’t imply anything from a technical perspective – all part of this built -in depth rating wiggle room. The watch is also confined to 1001 pieces (333 or so bits of each colour), and is available with a number of colors trims for your dial. Here you get a beautiful blue for the hand and a few of the hour index. While the chic looking dial layout, complete with the name of this watch is hip looking, it is very a-functional for diving purposes – given that this is a diving stained watches. U-Boat released the U 1001 watch entirely devoid of lume, as omission from what are a great looking watch in the dark.

U-Boat believes it has identified the next global market for luxury brands and opened a boutique in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
The 50 sq m boutique was opened in the heart of the coastal capital by founder Italo Fontana and marks the 19th own-brand boutique for U-boat Watches Opinion worldwide.
Oil and gas exploration and production in the country has led to Azerbaijan becoming one of the fastest-growing global economies with poverty rates dropping from 50 percent to 7.6 percent between 2001 and 2011.
Baku itself has benefited from this influx of wealth in the form of massive regeneration and luxury brands have recognised the growing numbers of shoppers with increasing disposable income.
The opening on the coast of the Caspian Sea follows recent U-Boat boutique openings in Florence and Hong Kong and precedes openings in Cannes and Rome in the next few months.

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