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Breguet Tradition 7047BR & 7067BR Watches Hands-On

These two timepieces are part of the Breguet Tradition watch collection. This is not to be confused with Breguet’s Heritage watch collection. Easy to mix up those two of course. Breguet‘s notoriety started long...


A Watch from 1965 – Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch

In excess of 220 years, numerous references in French along with other literature have borne witness towards the scope and depth of Breguet’s worldwide influence. Breguet has become such an intrinsic part of European...


Breguet Type XXII 3880 Rose Gold for Baselworld 2013

Within the nineteen fifties, in france they navy was looking for very accurate watches. Breguet was pleased to comply and designed the XX watch. Using its simple styling and obvious, readable amounts, it had...