Citizen Altichron Analog Altimeter Compass Watch Review

Have you heard of the Citizen Altichron watch? The first Altichron watch from Citizen was launched in 1989. Then in 2013, the company added a modern version of this Altichron watch of the Promaster collection. Many Citizen lovers must be very curious about the improvements of this new Altichron, Citizen Altichron Analog Altimeter Compass Watch.

Size for this 2013 Altichron is 49.5mm wide, a huge watch. All versions from the Altichron are available in a titanium case which take presctiption componen with Casio’s Professional Trek multi-sensor watches that are its natural rivals. Style-smart they look better, but functionality always appears to suffer. A current example could be observed in our overview of the Casio G-Shock GW-A1000 watch.


You can see the deficiencies in features like a weather-predicting barometer or thermometer in the case. Pushers around the left from the case flank the sensor for that altitude and therefore are color coded using the function you need to activate. Orange will explain your altitude from minus 300 meters (1,000 ft) as much as 10,000 meters (32,000 ft). I don’t know if you’re able to make use of the function underwater, I doubt it. The timepiece is however water-resistant to 200 meters.


Press the yellow pusher and also you activate digital compass. It really works not surprisingly, as well as for navigation reasons there’s a rotating inner bezel ring operated on among the left-side crowns. I can not help but seem like Citizen is attempting to somewhat emulate a case and strap aesthetic made popular by Suunto.

Actually, this Altichron is actually a diver in addition to a climber’s watch. The dial clearly has fine blood pressure measurements for negative versus positive altitude blood pressure measurements, and Citizen’s own materials make use of the term “depth”. But visually it does not hurt the Promaster Altichron appears like a contemporary dive watch when it comes to the case and strap. When reading through the depth or altitude the orange hand can be used for bigger batches while a maximum hand can be used for additional precise batches.


The 2013 version Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Altichron is really a totally analog digital sensor watch which includes a compass and altimeter. It obviously informs the some time and the date too. This latter feature is handy and that we understand the light-powered Eco-Drive watches which have them as after hanging out for some time it can be hard to understand just how much life remains within the battery and when it’s safe to consider or maybe it must sunbathe alongside a pool for some time (to charge).


This Altichron must be one of the high-end Promaster models. The reference amounts for that three metric models would be the Altichron BN4021-02E (naked titanium), BN4026-09E (dark grey with yellow bezel), BN4026-09F (dark grey with orange bezel, and also the standard measurement models would be the BN5031-03E, BN5036-00E, and also the BN5036-00F. Search for them beginning in September of 2013. Cost is $850.

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