Fabuleux Ornements—Vacheron Constantin Metiers d’Art Collection

These new ladies watches from Vacheron Constantin, the “Metiers d’Art Fabuleux Ornements” are as breathtaking because the new men’s releases in the brand they’re also in conjuction with the brand’s 2014 collection theme which showcases the manufacture’s extensive skeletonization and engraving abilities, in addition to a number of artisanal abilities (as recognized for each watch). All indented text is from Vacheron. Admire all of them below!


The brand new Métiers d’Arts Fabuleux Ornements collection is definitely an irresistible invitation to attempt an outing honoring the ornamental special gems of the world attracted in the decorative arts of countless cultures. Inspired by hopes for distant places by outdoors-minded approach around the world consistently cultivated by Vacheron Constantin, it uncovers four ladies’ models born of the art of open-working and a mix of artistic crafts.


Ten different master artists took turns in supplying gifted reinterpretations of Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and French lacework. These exquisitely feminine masterpieces are outfitted by having an ethereal hand-engraved calibre echoing the valuable dial ornamentation and enshrining a subtle mixture of inner and outer beauty.


A masterful illustration showing Vacheron Constantin’s knowledge of the area of decoration, the open-working of the ultra-slim Calibre 1003 in 18K gold – only 1.64 mm thin – change it into an amazing lacework of engraved wheel trains.


It is presented with a pink gold case capped with a diamond-set bezel, ten vibrant enamel colors blossom around the dial. These twinkling shades form oriental-inspired flowers blooming against a blue sky. The master-enameller has expressed the vivacity and richness of Indian illustrations via a profusion of intense enamels all around the open-worked calibre, such as the floral motifs designing the margins of ancient oriental documents.


The curves of their décor are first tracked while using champlevé method to create tooth decay separated by thin gold partitions to be able to use the enamels. These ten different hues represent a challenging challenge when it comes to learning the successive firings, a procedure that requires a real alchemist’s skill.


The foliage, that is thoroughly hand-engraved after enamelling, raises the radiance of the watch and echoes the engraving of the open-worked calibre. This really is one of the most delicate stages, since the smallest slip of the hand can jeopardise the whole creation.

The impressive finesse of the work accomplished through the master lapidaries and engravers pays an exciting tribute towards the traditional art of embroidery worked out for millennia in China.

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