Mother of Pearl U-Boat shrinks case to fit current tastes

The watch comes with an adjustable rubber strap that has a titanium finish piece on one side – which has a good style and leaves the giant watch wearable. Again you see the U 1001 logo on the installation as well – indicating U-Boat’s desire to show you just how many custom components went into this limited edition set of watches.Does the U Boat Watches Glasgow U 1001 remind one of an Angler fish? It is not awful as the fish, but it goes deep like the fish. Though I think an Angler fish could go considerably deeper. Angler fishes look pretty bad-ass and butt-faced, but they’re in fact really tiny fishes, did you understand that? Size can be deceiving. It would likely float away from a U 1001 when it saw it underwater as the watch may be larger than it! For fashion like a tattoo, U-Boat engraved an Angler fish onto the rear of the watch as well as about the crazy watch case (I will get to this). It is a nice little touch that is all style, without having a good deal of meaning. Cool picture though.And now the circumstance. The large and heavy (really heavy) instance contraption that almost makes the opinion feel worth its cost. Made from aluminum, the situation resembles a diving vessel itself. You find an engraving of the Angler fish on it, and a thick porthole using a rounded crystal lens where the watch sits and stare at you as though it’s safe as you’re in the ocean. It is a serious part of the timepiece’s presentation, and U-Boat makes you feel pretty damn special to have obtained this item. I’ve never had a more lasting impression of a watch’s presentation box. I believe that it should have cost U-Boat almost as much as the watch itself to create.

Even the mighty U-Boat has been forced to acknowledge that prevailing tastes point to smaller case sizes.

The Italian watch brand renowned for its oversized case sizes and canteen-style crown guards appears to be scaling down its watches if its latest model is anything to go by.

The bronze and stainless steel-cased Chimera Mother of Pearl is a svelte 43mm in diameter, especially when compared to U-Boat by Italo Fontana designs of the past.

The Chimera also reflects an emerging trend in featuring Mother of Pearl on the dial of a watch which is presumably intended to be worn by men. Mother of Pearl has long been a weapon in arsenal of watch designers creating pieces for women but is increasingly being used in men’s watches such as the high tech Seiko Astron. Vulcain explored the concept in its 2015 special edition Vulcain for Heiner Lauterbach watch.

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