U-Boat creates aging technique for new launch

U-Boat watches are somewhat unusual among luxury timepieces because they are entirely designed and assembled in Italy; a strong contrast to the dominance of the Swiss in this field. Water resistance is up to 300 meters on some models, so these are likely to be more durable, long-lasting wristwatches which should endure for many decades with proper care.Most of the invention found in U-Boat watches comes from the styling, which is certainly unusual. That is great if you are left handed, but perhaps a bit inconvenient otherwise. Their face layouts are somewhat unusual, with some of their models showing several numbers but not all, and many others showing no numbers in any respect. Chronograph models may have inset dials or they may use indicators instead.

U-Boat’s designer Italo Fontano has gone to new extremes in the creation of the Unicum.

The watch is made piece by piece, with various components given detailed finishes using a variety of techniques from acid baths to hand painting.

This production mish-mash has created a watch that looks as though it has been dug out of the ground after hundreds of years, rather than the brand new and painstakingly put together timepiece that it is.

Using U-Boat’s U-42 B&B novelty from 2012 as its base, each Unicum will be entirely different, as the processes used mean each will have a different look to the next.

The watch has a double superimposed dial – one bronze hued, one black – with an acid treatment applied to its titanium case, bezel and leather strap that creates a pre-worn, eroded aesthetic.

The watch will be on display at U-Boat’s stand at BaselWorld this week.

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