U-Boat unveils unique Sideview

The opinion is presented in stainless steel. The bezel and the vertical flanks of these caseback are highly polished. This end is repeated for some surfaces of the lugs, the bolts, which interval the caseband, along with the pushers located at 8 o’clock along with 10 o’clock. The other surfaces use a satin brushed finish. The consequent ensemble is balanced, so striking a magical comparison between polished and brushed surfaces.The crown comprises the strong crown protection device I have admired on other U-Boat timepieces. In the beginning it seems pragmatic, however with increasing familiarity it feels honest and “grows on you”. Locating the crown and pushers on the left hand side of this instance is absolute genius. Flexed hands, do not result in painful gouging of the skin typical of some watches that have a crown on the right hand side of the case.This is a substantial watch measuring 46 mm in diameter, with a case height of 17 mm. But whilst large, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. This is mostly as a result of brief lugs which permit the strap to cosset the wrist with a compassionate embrace.A additional sense of nostalgia is given with the strap. It has circular cut outs reminiscent of those driving gloves which my dad wore in the 1970s. Reverse the watch and respect the caseback. It’s reference to the Italian origin but also the Korean movement residing within. The movement is observable courtesy of a sapphire crystal glass.The watch is a limited collection of 300 pieces along with the plaque on the caseband advises the wearer of the with the unique model number from the series.

U-Boat founder Italo Fontana has unveiled an innovative new take on the oversized brand’s Chimera line.

Side windows of sapphire crystal allow the wearer to take a unique look at the inner-workings of the watch’s movement.

Three limited edition models of the Chimera Sideview will be available, characterized by curved sapphire crystals on the front, back and sides. 300 pieces will be available in stainless steel and just 88 pieces in 18k gold.

The third model, the Chimera Sideview Diamonds features 309 black diamonds set into the watch’s bezel and strap lugs and will also be available in just 88 pieces.

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