A Watch from 1965 – Breguet No. 1646 Diver Watch

In excess of 220 years, numerous references in French along with other literature have borne witness towards the scope and depth of Breguet’s worldwide influence. Breguet has become such an intrinsic part of European culture that his name inevitably springs to mind when one is seeking to depict the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, or simply a luxurious, refined environment characterized by high standards.

In its long history, the company has product hundreds of superb watches. You may have known many about its modern watches, however, how many vintage Breguet watch do you know?

Here, I would like to present you a rare Breguet dive watch formerly unknown to many enthusiasts which was created in 1965. It’s called the Breguet No. 1646, and apparently, only 60 pieces were ever created.


A collector acquired this watch by a chance, and he post in the French watch website. He tried his best to do some research on this watch, and eventually having Breguet authenticate it.

Breguet confirmed the vintage diver he found was basically a geniune Breguet and it was referred to as Breguet No. 1646. Breguet reported it had become built like a limited group of 60 pieces in 1965. It really appears like an early on piece, but it wouldn’t be from style whatsoever for 1965.


I rather such as the large-sized hour markers that are full of lume. The rotating diver’s bezel (created from Bakelite) is comparatively thick with attractive minimalist indications which seem to be lume-colored. The case is remarkably thin for any dive watch, though we do not understand what the case diameter is.

Important particulars like the water proofing from the case aren’t known. The Breguet 1646 does, however, have a screw-lower caseback and crown, so I will presume it had a minimum of 100 meters water resistance – which could have been common for that time. The clean dial is lacking of markings save for that Breguet brand logo design along with the window for that date disc. The case is further lacking of markings.


It’s unlikely the NATO-style strap was the initial. Actually, I’m almost positive that it’s no original strap. Despite being worn a little and loved, this Breguet 1646 appears to stay in good condition, and also the collector who now is the owner of it working in london is most likely happy with their acquisition. It simply proves that gems such as this continue to be available, although incredibly rare.

Within the Breguet 1646 dive watch is definitely an A. Schild (AS) automatic mechanical movement, although it is not obvious which caliber reference number it’s. It’s entirely likely that Breguet didn’t make the No. 1646 like a commercial watch but instead like a commission piece for the commeBreguet-1646-dive-watch-1965-1rcial or private purpose. The cost taken care of a Breguet No. 1646 dive watch in 1965 was 595 Francs. Which was not whatsoever cheap in those days either. From my personal point of view, this rare vintage dive watch may keep remaining the remarkable rare dive watch.

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