Both you and the stars can be collected, and the most beautiful star dial watch can be bought for about 10,000 yuan

The starry sky has been a romantic, mysterious and attractive feature throughout history. How many people have dreamed about it over the years? How many are longing to see it again? The moon that enters water, the twinkling star, the white Milky Way, and the vast and unending starry sky once attracted a whole generation. It isn’t easy to find stars in Beijing’s sky, but it is possible. Watch Home recommends three star watches today. It’s not visible so you just keep it on your wrist.

Amyron Pearl Series

The Amy Dragon Pearl series introduced 7 ladies’ watches in 2021. This includes this gorgeous aventurine “starry-plate” watch. The classic oval shape of the Pearl series is still recognizable in this watch. The watch’s soft, natural curve design adds an elegant and classical charm. The case’s oval shape allows for a more comfortable wearing experience. Blue aventurine was used by the brand to create the “starry skies plate”. The aventurine material’s special effect makes it seem like the vast galaxy is being dissolved in the wrist. This is very romantic. As hour markers, 12 sparkling diamonds were placed on the dial by the brand. Each hour marker is the brightest star of the galaxy, as the diamonds are integrated into the dial.

Longines Elegant Collection

Longines Dai Chuo Wiener’s iconic rectangular case design is a tribute to the 1920s watches. It cleverly combines geometric lines and soft curves. The watch looks simple yet elegant. A blue leather strap is matched to the stainless steel case and a starry sky dial. The strikingly bright silver case looks great with the starry sky. It’s almost as if the watch can transport you to the vast universe of nebulae. For a more precise time reading, the dial features striking silver-plated polished hands. This watch is equipped with a quartz movement that is less likely to get lost and easier to use when on the move.

These watches are as beautiful as Panerai watches.

Reef Tiger Love Lily Automat Women Watch #RGA1599 -PLP

Promises, a solemn promise of love, forever, are not too much, no matter what adjective you use to describe the mad for love. It shows that the heart leaps at the first encounter. For many, the hot time of love is their most memorable memory. This is the time when love is passionate and flashy. The Reef Tiger women Watch is made from the Arrow of Love. This is the perfect representation of love and is guaranteed to show your eternal love.

The Love Lily watch has a 13mm case to match the feminine beauty temperament. It can be worn comfortably as it is extremely thin. The Love Lily watch features a slim special lug design with inlaid diamonds. It is not only a watch but perfect jewelry that will bring you joy. Love Lily RGA1599 Luxury Ladies Automatic Watches: Your perfect companion for everyday life.

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