Chaumet Ladies Watches: A fit for your Empress

When Napoleon Bonaparte chose to bestow his love Joséphine (and subsequently, his second wife Empress Marie Louise de Habsburg-Lorraine) with the most exquisite jewelry, also acting as a symbol of France’s power and exuberance, he turned to the House of Chaumet. Founded in 1780 by Marie-étienne Nitot, Nitot was Napoleon’s personal jeweler, designing for him emboldened, sentimental, and powerful pieces, from jeweled necklaces, to diamond crowns, to Napoleon’s consular sword, built with the famous Regent diamond (a whopping 140 carats) currently on display at the Louvre museum. Today, in addition to regal jewelry, the high-end jeweler also designs a breathtaking collection of watches that would have surely made Joséphine smile. The Liens de Chaumet collection of women’s watches is gracefully simple and perfectly feminine. With Christmas just a few weeks away, here are 3 great options to gift your love and make her feel like an empress.

For the understated beauty:

If your love is constantly channeling Grace Kelly, then this Liens de Chaumet watch in 18-carat yellow gold with diamond-set crossed links is for her. With an ivory satin strap softly whispering elegance and the sparkle of its fine-brushed silver dial and diamond encrusted crossed links showcasing her beauty, you can tell her you chose this piece because it reminds you of her – beautifully understated, yet still classic and stylish.

To turn heads:

Every woman needs an attention-grabbing timepiece to show off every now and then. This stunning Liens de Chaumet watch in 18-carat yellow gold, is, much like the understated piece, adorned with diamond encrusted crossed links, but with one major difference: it’s an XL model. The large bold face has a sunray pattern marron glace dial, which allows this watch to be daring without being gaudy. Complete with a varnished beige alligator strap, the large size of the Liens de Chaumet XL model watch is a strong choice for the woman who is always wearing a men’s watch.

For the really extravagant:

Another XL model, the Liens de Chaumet full diamond-paved white gold watch is not for the shy. This glittery timepiece is perfect for the woman who likes to make a statement in the most glamorous way possible. Beautifully paired with anything from a pair of jeans and a blazer to an exquisite a ball gown, this watch simply takes your breath away in any setting. With a remarkable bracelet paved with 980 diamonds, and a dial embellished with 200 diamonds, this may be the ideal gift to give if you haven’t exactly been the model of a perfect gentleman this year. Trust us, she may just magically forget that you were at the top of the naughty list this year when she finds this stunning timepiece under the tree.

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