Constant, the best choice you had ever done


Maybe you will be very curious about the name Constant, and want to know where it comes from especially when catching sight of this wrist watch. Maybe you have heard of the famous landscapist John Constable, whose painting is regarded as the mirror of the nature. And by virtue of the good reputation of the noted painter, Reef Tiger creates the brand Constant, mainly showing the kind watch’s nature, fashion and originality. Although the two are in totally different area, but they have the same place, which is the work of art. As one of brands of the Artist series of Reef Tiger, Constant not only has the good name but also gets popular for its excellent quality.


Actually, Constant is a men’s wrist watch with fashionable and decent appearance. Its watch case of 41.5 diameters, am appropriate size, shows your grace temperament. The whole design of the dial is a little complicated, full of the beauty of art. Seeing it gives you endless energy and enthusiasm, you just want to move with the wrist watch.

In detail, there are total three kinds offering including gold, white and black. Among them, the most impressive and unforgettable is supposed to be the fadeless rose gold shell and case, which really expresses a gentleman’s noble and decent temperament. The hands are also very delicate and subtle. On one hand, we cannot deny the whole design of Constant is full of the spirit of activity and energy, on the other hand, we have to admit that every detail of the watch has been perfectly thought about, which certainly reflects the outstanding technology and responsible attitude of Reef Tiger.


And what we cannot ignore is the movement, which is the essential of a wrist watch of high quality. Inherited from Reef Tiger’s idea of making watches, Constant decides to use top quality automatic movement to assure its well working. However, having good case, available colors, and delicate hands is not enough. Since we wear it on the wrist, which requires a fine watch band. Here we match a black calfskin genuine strap with the rounded case. A perfect choice, isn’t it?


In order to better protect the display, Reef Tiger adopts scratch-proof sapphire crystal with colorless anti-reflection coating, very high-end and grace. With that, you don’t need to be always worried about your watches getting damaged. And there is another detail we should not miss that a screw-in crown has been steadily fitted there, small exquisite and important. When adjusting the time and date, you will find how useful it is!


So if you want to show your artist temperament, to express your fashion and energy, just get a Constant, which would be the best choice you had done! 

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