Do not wear watches for a long time, it is recommended to do this to make the watch better!

If you do n’t wear a mechanical sports watch for a long time, it is best to manually wind it frequently, otherwise the hands and parts of the watch will not rotate for a long time, the mechanical oil inside will condense, it will be very troublesome and the cost of maintenance is also high.


Do not wear this watch, but if you want to keep the watch running normally, it depends on the performance of your watch. Normally, the power stored in a day can rotate normally for a few days, and it can be wound almost every few days. Like a mechanical mens watch, wearing one day can store about 3 days of power.


If you just want it to move occasionally, you can string 2-3 times a month. Don’t let the watch be close to volatile things, like camphor balls. Many people put camphor balls in the cabinet for insect protection, and many people store the watch. It is a very volatile substance, it is easy to make the watch solidify , Lubrication is reduced, resulting in inaccurate watch movement. Do you know these things that people who wear mechanical watches should know?

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