How to prevent magnetism of mechanical watches?

How to prevent magnetism of mechanical watches? 1) Do not open the back cover at will, so as to prevent dust, fibers, moisture, etc. from invading the watch and affecting the normal travel time of the watch; 2) The clockwork must be wound regularly every day. The clockwork can keep the timing accuracy of the watch; 3) Pull out the crown to set the needle, and dial backwards. The crown must be pushed to the winding position after the needle is set, otherwise it will cause the watch to stop;
4) Wipe the watch case frequently to keep it clean. If the watch is not used, it should be placed in a dry place without camphor balls, and the clockwork should be wound every once in a while to prevent the lubricant from solidifying and affecting the travel time; 5) In the case of vigorous exercise or high vibration, the watch should be taken off to avoid damage to the machine; 6) Under normal circumstances, the waterproof watch can prevent the intrusion of water vapor in the air. It is not absolutely that water does not enter. Do not wear the watch for swimming, showering, washing hands, and washing clothes. 7) Although the watch has certain anti-magnetic properties, it still needs to avoid contact with a strong magnetic field to prevent parts from magnetizing and causing changes in the watch’s travel time;
8) Do not contact the watch with corrosive liquids and gases such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Long-term sweat erosion will cause rust on the case. When using the watch in summer, it is best to separate it from the arm on the pad; 9) The mens sports watch has certain speed error, as long as the error does not exceed the standard, do not often move the speed needle; 10) If you do not understand the repair technique, please do not toggle the parts in the watch or add fuel to avoid accidental loss.

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