Hublot Big Bang Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon Watch


In recent years, Hublot has been making transparent watches out of sapphire glass. It is amazing that Hublot has always found a way to define transparency in ways we didn’t expect. Hublot, for example, is the pioneer of transparent watches. In 2021, it will keep up the fight against transparency. As the name implies, the new Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire has a large proportion of its entire watch made from sapphire crystal. Transparent parts of the movement and the case can also be found!

Hublot transparent tourbillon was created by a fine-tuning of the lines to reduce the need for screws. This was done to increase transparency and allow the case and sapphire crystal bracelet to be attached. It can be connected easily. Hublot used only 37 pieces to make this transparent case. This is far less than the traditional number of parts required.

Each link of the rare sapphire-crystal bracelet found in the watch altar has a transparent effect. Hublot uses a unique process to create the transparent bracelet. This is similar to the brand’s use of ceramic or metal materials in the creation of the Integral one piece bracelet. Hublot’s unique process is required because the hardness of the sapphire crystal material makes it difficult to process. The brand also created a titanium watch pin that is not protruding from the chain link. This allows the sapphire crystal chains to be tightened and keeps the appearance clean and neat.

At first glance, the dial parts of Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire seem suspended in their cases. This is because Hublot has placed three transparent sapphire bridges into the movement along with the new embedded bezel, hour markers, and other parts so that the watch does not look hollow but has an open perspective.

The HUB6035 watch’s movement has a micro-automatic disk that is rarely found in tourbillon movements. It also has a three-day reserve. However, the automatic disc cannot still be seen from the back. Original brand: The miniature automatic dial can be set at 12 o’clock. This just echoes up-and-down with the tourbillon at 6. Fortunately, the miniature dial front allows for more detail of the hollow movement. The total number of parts for this movement is 243. The transparent case protects the sight and light from the outside, so you can see 360 degrees through the case. This creates a rare 3D perspective. Although each one will feel different when you play with the case, they all show the same level of craftsmanship Hublot has proudly displayed and actively developed.


The watchmaking industry is very proud of the oblvlo tourbillon watches series. This brand is the first to enter the world of silicon materials. It also dares subvert tradition and create the rules for the future. This spirit can help promote traditional watchmaking in a high-tech world. We must continue to pursue our historical heritage and traditional traditions while also pursuing innovation and individuality in order to move forward in this world.



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