INVITATION: Panerai & aBlogtoWatch Event At South Coast Plaza On April 28, 2018

aBlogtoWatch and Officine Panerai cordially invite Southern California watch lovers to a cocktail event at Panerai’s new South Coast Plaza Boutique on Saturday April 28, 2018. Exceptional rare & vintage timepieces from a private collection will be on display in the boutique along with pre-released 2018 SIHH timepieces. As you immerse yourself into the world of Panerai, you will be invited to enjoy the delicacies of fine Italian hospitality.

Come gather with fellow watch lovers and myself (Ariel Adams) from aBlogtoWatch to celebrate Southern California’s appreciation for fine watchmaking. The event will begin at 5:00pm PST and end at 8:00pm. Please RSVP as space is limited. On behalf of Panerai and the aBlogtoWatch team, I look forward to seeing you at the event. To RSVP, please promptly e-mail

Panerai & aBlogtoWatch Event
5:00 – 8:00 PM PST
South Coast Plaza
Panerai Costa Mesa
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA

It’s projected that between 1940 and 1943, these human torpedoes undertook about 25 missions in the Mediterranean. Nicknamed the Floating Trojan Horse following an attack in Gibraltar’s waters, the commando was one of the best units in the history of specific operations and gained a deadly reputation for its covert submerged torpedo operations. In his secret warfare speech made to a closed House of Commons in April 1942, Winston Churchill recognised the deadly effectiveness of this “Italians in strange diving suits” who had managed to attach limpet bombs to the hulls of Britain’s battleships “with extraordinary courage and creativity”. Even Admiral Cunningham had to concede: “You can’t but admire the cold-bravery and enterprise of those Italians. “Using specially created Italian submersible torpedoes – known as a Siluri that a Lenta Corsa (slow-moving torpedoes) but known pigs because of their poor and slow managing – that the sailors would steer their explosive cargo to the recognized target and detach the postponed action limpet mines from the front of the pig, and attach them into the hull of the battleships. In the event of the Alexandria Raid, the intrepid divers had to make their way through metal baits put in the harbour by the British to impede their accessibility. Timing was obviously a matter of life and death, and the frogmen relied on the publication luminous devices created particularly for the Italian Navy with a Florentine watchmaking company known as Panerai. A top-secret operation, Panerai was the sole provider of measurement and precision underwater instruments – like depth gauges, wrist compasses, detonators and sights – and a big luminous waterproof wristwatch that could earn a spot in the iconography of watchmaking known as the Panerai Radiomir.

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