IWC men’s watch, the first choice for business people, it is recommended

Ladies can call on some accessories to decorate themselves, while men’s decoration, I think it is relatively low-key, dealing with details, such as ties, neck pins, watches and the like. Men treat watches just like women treat bags.
What watch is suitable for men to wear? This is a question that many men want to understand, but the editor recommends not to blindly look at online recommendations, and choose the most important thing that suits your style. After all, buying a watch is to decorate yourself, isn’t it? Today, the editor will talk about three men’s watches with more than 10,000 yuan. You can see if they are suitable for you!
Men’s watch recommendation: IWC356 IWC356501 mechanical men’s watch, the first thing I think of is IWC, which is only a men’s watch brand. IWC’s masculine watch has a masculine atmosphere and its face value is in line with most men’s aesthetics. The recommended white dial of this IWC men’s watch is paired with “IWC”. The brand logo makes the watch more recognizable. The elegant and timeless three-hands plus a fast show date window are simple and classic. The stainless steel threaded crown is engraved with the brand logo, and the threaded design is convenient for the wearer to adjust the time, and at the same time, the mechanical art is more three-dimensional. The stainless steel hermetically sealed bottom is engraved with the series name, waterproof logo and series code. It is full of brand information, and the detailed bottom cover is polished to make the wearer comfortable and natural. The black crocodile leather strap allows the wrist to move freely and fits the curvature of the human wrist. The price of this men’s watch is 30430 yuan

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