Limited Edition Bremont Watches As Your Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas is really a here we are at showing individuals special individuals your existence precisely what they mean for you. While there’s no replacement for investing amount of time in the existence of your family members, there’s an additional means by which period can play a role in showing your gratitude having a special edition chronograph.

Limited Edition Bremont Watches As Your Unique Christmas Gifts

One of the finest crafters of watches to embrace the limited edition timepiece is Bremont Watch. Their limited edition collection spans several ranges and collections, yet all exude the dedication to quality and style that is of course synonymous with Bremont. The exclusivity of these watches is such that they can be as limited to as little as forty worldwide; such as the HMS Victory.

Limited Edition Bremont Watches As Your Unique Christmas Gifts

This pre-owned Limited Edition Bremont HMS Victory really must be seen to be truly appreciated and is considered one of those most collectable watches of the moment. Crafted from the English Oak decking of the HMS Victory, it even incorporates one of the ship’s copper decking nails. Contained behind the copper constructed barrel, the automatic Rotor weight is delicately made from the Brass of the ship and replicates the Nelson crest. Marvellously, the BE-83AR chronograph double retrograde with its Swiss movement is also held behind the hand-etched sapphire crystal adorning the facade.

It is no wonder that such a subtly crafted timepiece, constructed from such a unique piece of history, is #12 of only 40 in the world. The serious collector only need contact Banks Lyon to receive the price on application, but we could not be more passionate about such a unique piece of horological history just waiting to be snapped up.

Limited Edition Bremont Watches As Your Unique Christmas Gifts
Also available in Stainless Steel, the Limited Edition Bremont Kingsman Rose Gold Watch was crafted in collaboration with Kingsman: The Secret Service and serves as a dedication to the military; inspired by the Bremont ALT1-B, with which is shares a similar design and functionality. For only £14,250, or £316.67 per month on 0% finance, this rugged timepiece offers the ultimate accompaniment to the discerning and stylish gentleman.

It’s internally rotating bi-directional bezel, complete with global time zones, can be altered through implementing their Bremont Roto-Click Technology from its 8 o’clock crown. The chronometer rated movement, encased beneath the sapphire crystal, enables you a glimpse into the quality of the piece, while the brown-alligator strap acts as a complementary platform for the similarly 18ct Rose Gold pin and buckle which adorns it.
A stylistic step forward in time, the Limited Edition Bremont Descent Watch offers an alternative glimpse into the world of limited edition watches, often held by the more classic-aesthetic chronograph. The Descent has been built using Bremont’s unique Trip-Tick? design of three case construction for water resistancy, following on from the success with their Supermarine 500 collection.

For only £3,295 and £73.22 per month on 0% finance, you could make somebody’s Christmas with this gorgeous chronograph, with the contrasting shades of the limited edition watch’s face enough to harbour the attention of the room. The Descent holds all the trappings of Bremont’s aviation heritage, with the chronometer-tested movement testament to their dedication to quality; being held in an anti-magnetic Faraday cage and its patented anti-shock case mount is just further testament to Bremont’s commitment to quality and penchant for functionality-nuance.

Bremont’s Special Edition collection is one thing to behold for probably the most discerning collector, with lots of the world’s most desired chronograph’s sitting side-by-side on their own roster. So if you’d like to go over purchasing one of these simple stunning special edition watches for a family member – or yourself… we won’t tell – then don’t hesitate to make contact with our friendly group of horological experts at Banks Lyon. You are able to call us on 01524 38 10 20, or else find us over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where one can continue-to-date with all of our goings on within the increase to Christmas.

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