One Which Got Away Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore T3

Most of us have got our ‘fishing’ tales about One Which Got Away. “It was this huge! Inches after we extend our arms to date as you possibly can! This really is relevant towards the watch tales too. Mine involves an Audemars Piguet that possibly started the Exclusive Edition Offshore craze, the Royal Oak Offshore T3!



I accept no regrets whatsoever. I’m speaking about this. I have a look at each mistake or bad decision that I’ve available just like a learning chance. I would get disappointed sometimes over something I’ve done wrong or else done whatsoever, but this is one way we become smarter, better people. I’d learned a very valuable lesson with my story about One Which Got Away which I’ll give out within the finish from the publish.

Before I share the story, there is a famous Wally Disney quote on not dealing with regrets which I never heard until seeing among the most popular movies, Fulfill the Robinson’s with the kids. In the event you haven’t seen this movie, you’re getting left out! The quote dangles inside my kitchen.


Across my story. As you’ve read inside my posts many occasions, I handled an authorized Store of the majority of the finest brands for 14 years. Among individual’s fine brands is one kind of my very faves, Audemars Piguet.

I used to be an AP fanatic and offered many of them. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore T3 hit retailers within June of 2003 concurrently Terminator 3: Rise in the Machines hit theaters. Arnold Schwarzenegger and AP had already fostered their relationship with this particular point while using Inner-City Games Foundation together with a wrist watch that Arnold used inside the sixth Day, so collaboration for his next blockbuster was natural.

The Gubernator is not a little dude so that it made sense the Offshore T3 only agreed to be as huge at 57.2mm wide! The Exclusive Edition was offered in the silver dial together with a black dial, limited to 500 of each and every. Our store was allotted 4 of those, 2 in each and every dial configuration. The initial 3 we’d received didn’t even achieve the showcase. When the 4th one (black dial) showed up it wasn’t pre offered yet, therefore i push the button in the heart of the showroom in the own free-standing tower while using original packaging. It looked awesome!


In those days I used to be married for less than 24 several weeks and we’d just purchased a house that needed major refurbishments. A few days after i setup the display while using T3 within it, I’d an unpredicted visit from my bride to think about me out for lunch. After I was buttoning up some business, she checked out the jewelry and watches (getting ideas from the products I really could buy her I understand) and he or she was stopped dead in their tracks as you’re watching T3. She asked for me just what the story was behind it and the way much it cost. I shared with her story that the retail about it was $19,900.

Throughout that lunch they have to have mentioned four or five occasions, “You have to buy that watch”. She suffered appropriate and into the very next day. My argument against it absolutely was that even within my worker cost, this is a large slice of change that could enter into everything those individuals essential for our home. I have to admit that we was torn involving the T3 together with a brand new backyard deck, however was certainly leaning toward the T3.

In my normal break my partner mentioned “Buy that watch tomorrow”. I agreed only when I really could sell among my other watches low of canopy half from the cost from the T3. I removed up among my other pieces, taken photos from it and released it on the pair of forums. I listed it strongly for just about any quick purchase and confirmed, I recognized an offer at the time that! The T3 could be mine!

Floating on high, I began work the following morning, cracked the safes waiting for strapping in my precious… Nevertheless it wasn’t there! I freaked out and referred to as my boss in stress, “Dude! Where’s the T3?”

“I offered it yesterday to Don!” he mentioned readily.

Nooooo! I used to be annoyed! Really less annoyed than I used to be pissed at myself to become so indecisive. Not only would I’d function as the proud who is the owner of the T3 however had just devoted to selling among my other watches that we really didn’t recycle for money to start with! Making it more depressing is always that a few years later I saw T3’s selling for 2 to 3 occasions the retail cost round the secondary market.

I clearly got in regards to this and needed the opportunity to understand out of this. It is a valuable lesson will have the ability to attribute to my happiness since. The lesson is always to Always Give Consideration to My Partner! Around I would disagree having a couple of the things that she notifies me to accomplish from time to time It’s my job to recall the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore T3 which I surrender. I’m probably the most pleased dude I realize with this, because when everybody knows “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

So that’s my story about one which got away. I think you will like it. Inform us about one which got of your stuff. Maybe we could start a Watch Gauge Support Group?

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