Reactor Valkyrie Take advantage of Holland Signature Edition

I’ve been fortunate to determine numerous Reactor watch models during the last couple of years and i’m always impressed every time I receive to look at everything from their collections, especially new things. I lately acquired a Poseidon and it was so pleased with every single facet of that model and my feelings aren’t any different toward the Valkyrie Holland Signature Edition, the topic of this review. You will find a lot of pilot watches available on the market but nothing beats the Valkyrie, a minimum of that i’m conscious of at this time around. Reactor held in keeping with a core worth of developing a pilot watch that, besides being functional, it’s also large and bold in overall design. Obviously, exactly the same Reactor DNA present in other Reactor watch models exists about this form of the Valkyrie. If you are looking at how Reactor describes their DNA read much more about it at:

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First, I wish to begin with attorney at law around the presentation. Now, when i have mentioned numerous occasions in reviews even though speaking with buddies, I either want functional packaging or totally extreme packaging, and also the packaging for that Signature Edition Valkyrie most definitely grouped into the later category. The standard models from Reactor are packed inside a tube style container however the Limited/Signature models come packed inside a huge rubberized clam style case. The inside from the case consists of several slots for that various extra supplies incorporated with this particular Signature Edition piece. The case is well padded and protective so you will see don’t worry throughout shipping of the model for your door. I truly understand the extreme packaging in cases like this.



The case has both blown and polished finishes, which is developed in a rather unusual way. Many occasions on watches with both finishes, the case side is going to be either all blown or all high polished having a contrasting bezel finish. However, around the Valkyrie case, our prime polish finish is situated only on the couple of millimeters in the lugs with a lot of the case getting a blown finish. The case finishing really adds lots of flair for this model, which is another core worth of Reactor watches. The 15mm thick case is built of 316L stainless and it is an enormous 49.25mm and 53mm invoice discounting within the crown. The carry tip to carry tip measurement can also be quite substantial at 57mm. By having an overall weight of 215 grams, combined with case specifications noted above, this watch isn’t for any dainty wrist.

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