The latest model of TAG Heuer combines craftsmanship and intelligent technology connection.

Five years after TAG Heuer introduced its first smart watches — the TAG Heuer Connected — the brand launched the group’s third-generation show with edgier upgrades and design aesthetics. Being one of the earliest watch brands to embrace technology that is wearable, TAG Heuer continues to demonstrate its commitment to this innovation. This TAG Heuer Connected’s latest versions dynamically marry smart technology’s cutting-edge connectivity and the craftsmanship of horology.
TAG Heuer: glistening and Always Suave TAG Heuer has been a renowned name in the world of watches but also in various industries. For this day, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer continues to innovate and push the limits of craftsmanship and technologies. To keep up with the times, it and one of the biggest challenges of watchmaking have adopted following the quartz catastrophe: smartwatches and wearable technology. By providing a connected watch stitched in horological worth, design, and craftsmanship, TAG Heuer can hit a balance between both worlds.
In 2015, TAG Heuer took the risk of venturing into the smartwatch firm with the launch of its much-awaited Carrera Connected watches. With the initiation of the TAG Heuer Connected, the brand was able to discover a way without compromising about the worth of craftsmanship to manufacture smartwatches.

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