Two interesting vintage Heuer Chronographs

We all do think that you, the Monochrome-Watches visitors, are facing exactly the same dilemma as us: finding awesome, essential, intriguing and collectible vintage watches. Today, we would have liked to pay attention to just one brand, one which we like, which keeps growing fast within the heart of enthusiasts: HEUER. Listed here are two vintage Heuer Chronographs, the best of Jack Heuer’s production.


1.A mint Heuer Silverstone Blue Dial
The Silverstone is really a pure interpretation of the items the late sixties and early seventies created. It’s a watch having a great personality which presents no compromise in the design. It’s this very unusual ‘TV Screen‘ shape a square situation with rounded angles and vibrant dials having a blown finish that provides a lot appeal, however that won’t fit everybody’s tastes.


Heuer’s seventies production was audacious and felt aside from the relaxation of the profession. Except the conservative Carrera, Heuer created the large and ponderous Autavia and also the legendary square-formed Monaco. These shared exactly the same quite interesting movement, the Calibre 11 and it is evolution, the Calibre 12, referred to as first automatic chronograph, presented in 1969.


The Silverstone might not be ‘mainstream’ but it features a great value within the heart of Heuer-fanatics. It had been obtainable in brown, burgundy as well as in this excellent blue, clearly the simplest color to put on. The Silverstone here continues to be fully refurbished by among the best Heuer specialist and it is in top condition, both mechanical and visual. Heuer Time lists it at EUR-5.800.

2. One of the few triple calendar panda Carrera
Carrera: a title filled with history that reminds us of the sports vehicle along with a famous and harmful race. But when you’re reading through this, it’ll certainly help remind you of the legendary watch, competitor from the Omega Speedmasters and Rolex watch Daytonas. The very first generation of Carrera, using its pure and straightforward design, needs to be looked at as you the finest accomplishments of Jack Heuer. It is a real classic that has to occur inside a vintage chronograph collection.


Throughout its early existence, the Carrera has been created in lots of models: silver dial, black dial, panda and reverse-panda dial, two or three registers, with several actions (Valjoux 72, Valjoux 92 and Valjoux 7730), without or with date. If each one is collectible, one needs to be looked at apart, the only real version that included a genuine complication: the Carrera Dato 12 Ref. 2547.


Under this complicated title hides the uncommon triple-calendar and reverse-panda dial edition from the Carrera tri-compax chronograph. So, what we should have is really a 3 registers chronograph that includes a black dial with whitened sub-counters along with a Valjoux 72c (the ‘C’ means calendar). This movement has a column-wheel mechanism and shows the date (shown on the dial’s outer ring having a central hand), the day and also the month (both displayed in home windows at 12).

The Carrera ref. 2547 is among the most collectible Carrera and something that you simply won’t find every single day. It’s on auction on eBay at GBP-4.860 (at the moment).

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