Why Rolex Submariner is Considered the Best Dive Watch?

In regards to underwater adventures, time is everything. When it comes to time, a timepiece is the secret. Since the debut of Rolex Submariner collection in 1953, the surrounded models are more than just timekeeping devices to divers. Their water-resistant features are crucial, reliable and satisfying. The timepieces have turned into a symbol of success and status although Rolex dip watches were for deep-sea exploration. For example, explorers and actors like Russell Wilson, Tom Hardy, and Mark Wahlberg are all Rolex owners.
As the topic now is why Rolex Submariner watch is a must-have dive watch, we will share our views on it and introduce 3 major models. Why Rolex Submariner is Regarded as the Best Fight Watch? For more than 6 years, the Submariner has proved to be a trusted dive watch alternative with fantastic features. These features include: On the Inside Underwater survival tool If you’re interested in finding a true survivor of the deep sea, then get a Rolex Submariner!
High-quality movement Whereas no date watches use caliber 3130, rolex Submariner date watches operate with a quality 3135. The two calibers are equally great motions made in-house. With the help of Parachrom hairsprings in the movements, Rolex watches are ultimately stable, irrespective of problems that are underwater. In fact, those Rolex watches are up to ten times more exact than those with conventional hairspring in shock resistance. Triplock winding crown As a dive watch, a Rolex dive watch has a typical water resistance up to 1,000 feet. And, the triplock winding crown on its Oyster case that is impermeable adds to its water resistance level.

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